Lala's Bakery is a home based business started in 2016 by Laura Reynolds (aka Lala) in San Francisco. Over the past 15 years Laura has developed her skills in the kitchen where her love of baking sprouted in 2009. Since then she has taken recreational classes and baked numerous goodies and treats for her family and friends. As her passion grew stronger she knew it was time for her to embark on a new journey and leap from her world of IT Project Management. With the support of everyone around her she started culinary school in the Fall of 2015 at San Francisco Cooking School. Culinary school was a dream of hers and she learned quickly that this is where she belonged.

Lala's Bakery was born from her passion and teachings of SF Cooking School. Quality ingredients and production in small batches were instilled in her teachings and she brings that to Lala's Bakery. All items are baked to order using local and organic ingredients where possible. Information for each item can be found on the Menu. Feel free to reach out for any questions or feedback.